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01 Dec How to make school’s mascot costume?
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Schools and universities make huge investments on these mascots for their team. Whether it’s a fierce eagle or sweet dinosaur mascot a lot of planning needs to go into deciding the mascot's costume.Al..
03 Jul Ace Purple Mascot Costumes (University of Evansville)
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The credit for the University of Evansville mascot “Ace Purple” can be attributed to a basketball coach whose team was defeated by Evansville College in the mid 1920s.After the game, the University of..
14 Jun UNC's Rameses the Ram Mascot Costumes
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Rameses is the ram mascot of the North Carolina Tar Heels. Three versions of Rameses appear at UNC sporting events. One is a member of the UNC cheerleading team in an anthropomorphic ram costume; the ..
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